SUP Radio Show featuring an interview about Standup for the Cure!



March 1, 2012 | Author 

Leslie Kolovich talks with the founder of the event, Stand Up For The Cure and breast cancer survivor, Judie Vivian.  Judie, an avid waterwoman was diagnosed with Breast Cancer 2 years ago, and without the digital mammogram her cancer would not have been detected.  She was very lucky to have caught her cancer at an early stage and did not have to have any chemotherapy.  From her personal experience with breast cancer and her love of watersports she decided to be an advocate for mammograms, and to work along side the Susan G. Komen Foundation and organize a Stand Up Paddle Event.  Stand Up For The Cure is going to be a very powerful event, packed with great generosity!

Riviera Paddle Boards has created a Stand Up For The Cure Pink board that they are selling and 10% of every sale will go to the Komen Foundation.  World Champion contender in Standup Paddle SurfingZane Schweitzer will do a free clinic for breast cancer survivors the day of the paddle event.  There will be a Pink Paddle with a fleet of people on boards all wearing pink to really catch the attention of onlookers and press to help raise awareness.  Victory Koredry has come up with a great logo for the event


There also will be sup yoga demonstrations, free board demos, silent auction, and a special screening of the new Gidget Movie and to meet the actress, Ruth’s Christ Steakhouse is on board as well as Kona Brewing Company.  This is sure to be a successful event raising awareness of Breast Cancer.  Please listen to the podcast now at: