Miami - There's lots of ways to help!

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Things you can do to support Standup for the Cure and our Mission to Save Lives!

  1. Register as a participant - 100% of registration fee goes directly to the local Affiliate of Susan G. Komen and Every $125 represents a lifesaving mammogram for a woman in need
  2. Team Fundraising and Donations - 100% of all donations go directly to the local affiliate of Susan G Komen
  3. Invite your family, friends, co-workers to participate.  This is a community effort to rid the world of breast cancer through early detection, treatment, research and education while having FUN!  You’d be surprised how many of your friends’ lives have been touched by breast cancer.
  4. Get local business and brands involved.
    1. Standup for the Cure pays all of our hard costs through the expo and sponsorship in order to maximize our individual Fundraising efforts
    2. Think big…ask the car dealer, hotelier, industry leader to join our fight.
    3. Ask your employer to match your donations!
  5. Remember to HAVE FUN!  Breast Cancer is a horrible disease, but we can come together as a supportive community, make new friends and have a great time doing something great for others!